A range of wet room designs and installations

Rudkin & Herbert are able to work with each customer to create a wet room in bathrooms of all sizes and designed specifically to suit your requirements. Despite having a small bathroom, wet rooms allows you to maximise the available space and to take full advantage of the potential. With a range of colours, styles, sizes and high-quality materials, we have something to suit all tastes and requirements. With over 27 years experience operating across the Leicestershire region, we are proud to have assisted countless customers over the years whilst prioritising the wellbeing of each one throughout our design and installation process.

Benefits of a wet room

Our specialist knowledge in bathrooms and showers means that we continue to design wet rooms that are not only contemporary and sleek, but also safe, brilliantly practical, and easy to use. We have been accredited and hired by Leicestershire local councils and a member of Age UK in Leicestershire & Rutland to design and install numerous wet rooms across homes in the Leicestershire region. In our experience, wet rooms have benefitted a range of customers including:

  • The elderly and aged
  • Smaller bathrooms with limited access
  • Physically impaired or wheelchair users
  • Those seeking for a contemporary design
  • Easy access bathrooms

As wet rooms are designed without an awkward shower tray, we can provide easy access bathing based on the design of the home and specific requirements of each customer. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure durability and safety as well as a team of highly experienced professionals throughout the design and installation process.

For a bespoke wet room design and installation in your home, contact the experts today for a free quote without obligation: 0800 048 2320

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